Okay. So this is my first post. And no one will read it probably for a while cause no one really knows I’m writing this. So here goes…….

I love food. Sweets especially; and I’ve been on other blogs lately checking out posted recipes and great pics. So I thought….I could do that. If you want to read about me click About Me and you’ll get the gist. I love to bake and cook, and basically torture myself cause I’m still dieting in the hopes of losing 10 more pounds. I give most of my sweets away cause my husband doesn’t really eat sweets and my daughter, well I don’t want my constant craving of sugar to rub off on her too much. But I love making foods that make other people happy. I’ll be posting recipes here, among other things. Me and my food buddy (who shall remain nameless till I get her permission to post it) love to check out new spots in the upstate NY area so I’ll try and post those as well. (Wait till the Dutchess County Fair!)

Since I’m new at this, please bear with me. I’ll post a new recipe soon. But now you know what’s up.

Later skaters.


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