Strawberry Festival

When I hear Strawberry Festival I think of overflowing flats of juicy, red berries, melting pink ice cream, delicious cobbler, pies, and crisps topped with whipped cream. Yum. Well, you won’t really get that at the festival in Beacon, NY. Not to say we didn’t have a nice time on an unexpectedly clear day (its been raining for a week). I just wanted to be bombarded with berries.
Derek, Riley, Hank (the dog) and I spent a couple hours at the festival on Sunday. Located on the Hudson river in Beacon, NY, the festival is one of many (corn, pumpkin) held each year, usually to raise money for a charity or non-profit organization. Strawberry Fest raises money for the Beacon Sloop club.

Although I would have loved something strawberrylicious, the options were limited. Strawberry shortcake, chocolate dipped, and smoothies. I would have easily taken the shortcake if the line didn’t extend through the entire park. So we opted for the traditional festival fare, hot dogs and (ooooh) strawberry lemonade. Just as good and without the long wait.
Riley had a great time, watching kids blow bubbles, trying to hula hoop, and dancing to the music of Pete Seeger and some elementary school kids. Hank was in his glory, being pet by every kid with sticky hands. Derek enjoyed the music and spending time with his moochey on the playground. I would have liked a more strawberry theme in the food, but that’s just me.

We try to go to these festivals whenever they pop up. It’s always nice to get outside and try the local fare, especially when the rain has kept you inside for a week.
I did like the environmental theme throughout the festival but I’d love to see more strawberries.


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