Fatties in Manhatty….Part 1

So Felice (my foodie buddy) and I are always talking about food; eating it, making it, the best place to get it. What better place to get the best and most diverse collection than NYC. And since I’m always reminiscing about the food I used to eat while working there, why not take a trip down to Soho to revisit all those great lunch places.
We took the Hudson line down to Grand Central and headed downtown on the N/R to Prince Street. From there we walked a short distance (basically across the street) to Balthazar’s for Felice’s belated birthday brunch. She’ll be writing about that experience so we’ll move on to our next location: Doughnut Plant.
Located on what seems like a forever walk through little Italy and Chinatown, we made our way to Doughnut Plant to feast on deliciously gourmet fried dough. Donuts are my go to dessert; fried, covered in glaze or sugar, filled with cream or jelly, you can’t go wrong. We were really looking forward to our sweet snack, even after our pretty filling brunch. There’s still room for donuts.
So we bought several, some to take home, some to taste now. We tasted the chocolate glazed and Creme Brulee. I got a blueberry cake donut for Riley and Felice snagged another Creme Brulee for her mom. The Creme Brulee was small so we dogged that one right in the shop. Covered in caramel and filled with vanilla bean cream, it was really delicious. Not overly sweet, the cream really balanced the caramel. That was gone in two bites. Very satisfying. So as we walked down the street off to our next destination we split the chocolate glazed and were somewhat disappointed. I think we had built up some great expectations for the most perfect donut and were hoping for soft, chewy and gourmet chocolaty. Instead it was a bit stale and the chocolate tasted like, well, like Dunkin Donuts chocolate glaze. Nothing special.
So overall, I wouldn’t make that long walk to 379 Grand Street again, maybe if you drove me there.

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