Fatties in Manhatty….Part 2

Okay so the donuts were a little disappointing so we made our way back to Soho to eat something familiar, Ruben’s Empanadas. You can’t mess with those. Of course we weren’t really that hungry even though we took our time getting to Ruben’s. So we got those to go. They have all the same varieties I remember but I got my two favs, Beef and Spicy Chicken. I had one of the two beefs heated up in case I was tempted soon for a little snack. It wasn’t until later on our trek that I ate most of it and shared some with Felice, after which we had to go back so she could get another to take home. So that should say it all. The beef empanada is a perfect combination of sweet and savory, incorporating onions and raisins and I’m sure a few secret ingredients. The crusty pocket that encases the meat is baked and really makes the portion very filling. They heat up very well in the oven so the next day for lunch I enjoyed the spicy chicken for lunch. (I know the pic is not very appealing but I promise you, the empanada was) I could eat these empanadas everyday if I didn’t have to run for 1 hour on the treadmill to make room for them.

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