Dutchess County Fair 2009

What better way to finish out the summer with friends, seriously greasy good food, rickety rides and carnies than at the Dutchess County Fair. Felice and I look forward to this event every year and talk and plan our attack pretty much the whole year. So after sitting in an hour of traffic getting into the gates we were all starving for some classic fair food. And we all had to make a trip to the loo. We’ll make this post short and sweet so as not to drag it out for days. We all feel like fat cows and don’t want to be reminded for weeks of our piggy ways.

In attendance: Myself, Derek, Riley, in one car, Felice, Kalik, and Brandy in the other.

Arrival Time: Us: 12 pm  Them: 2pm

I won’t list what everyone ate individually cause that’s  just mean.

What was consumed (in order of consumption):

  • Iced Coffee: Needed after only one cup this morning. Helped a lot.
  • London Broil sandwich with the works, onion, cheese & mushrooms: Tasty but not as good as the first year.
  • Fries: Very good, not too greasy, nice amount of salt. Lots of burnt crispy ones on the bottom.
  • Lemonade: fresh squeezed with a souvenier cup, refills were only $4. What a bargain. Hey bottled water was $2-4.
  • Hot Roasted Peanuts: Hot, Roasted in the shells. Nice and cheap, $1.50.
  • Corn Dog: Riley enjoyed this one. She’ll take the credit.
  • Barbecued Turkey Leg: A bit salty from what I heard but very big. Most everyone could not finish it.
  • Barbecue Chicken: Again, same vendor so a bit salty but it appeared to be tasty.
  • Funnel Cake: Greasy goodness but bad for the tummy. Nobody brought tums? What were we thinking?
  • Deep-Fried Oreos: I love that they are Deep-Fried as opposed to Shallow-Fried. That definitely the key to a fried oreo. Covered in powdered sugar, fried, warm and soft. Dude. Nuff said.
  • 4-H Milkshakes: Can’t go to the fair without getting one or two of these. So thick, rich and creamy. We waited only 30 minutes maybe? Chocolate=awesomeness, Vanilla=sweet & smooth, Strawberry=not chocolate, sorry Kalik.
  • Chocolate covered cheesecake: Oh wait, we never got that. Maybe next year. Definitely next year.
  • Kettle Corn: sweet and salty and somewhat warm. Very satisfying.
  • Water: washes it all down.

Purchased but not consumed at the fair: Maple cotton candy: Bag is almost gone. Amish fruit breads: peach, strawberry & apple. Great to freeze for french toast for later and super heavy to carry.

Did I miss something? Oh ya, we saw cows, llamas, horses, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, turkeys, freaky families, short shorts, friends, girl scouts, our plumber, two actors from In Living Color and their family, mullets, cowboy hats and boots, a lady with horns and vulcan ears, silicone, crafts, airbrush t-shirts, pan flute band, elephant & camel, pretty flowers, tagged butterflies, mud stuck cars, sleeping babies, bees, pink piglets, and the gate as we exited.


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