*New* Green Tip of the Week

So I’ve always tried to be environmentally conscience but since Riley was born, I’ve really tried to watch my waste and reuse whatever I can. So during those 6 – 12 months when Riley would take two naps a day, I spent a lot of time on the computer researching natural products, reducing and reusing, and just how to be better to the earth.

So once a week I’ll post a green tip of the day. Please send me some comments with your ideas too.

This week: Plastic produce bags

At the grocery store I try my best not to knot these plastic bags after I’ve filled them with veggies or fruit. If there are twist ties available, I’ll use them. This way I can easily remove the produce and reuse the bag. Here are some reuses for these fairly sturdy plastic bags:

  • bring back to store and reuse for produce
  • doggie or kitty doo bag
  • small garbage bag for car
  • use instead of ziplocs
  • double bag items that are stored in the freezer
  • store wet items when traveling
  • bathroom garbage can liner
  • fishing something out that fell in the toilet (hey it happens, especially with a 2 year old)
  • store your wet paintbrush if you’re not done painting

Another tip: After ordering baby wipes many times from Diapers.com, I’ve accumulated several wipe containers. So I store my bags in there and just pop open the top and pull one out when needed.


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