Green Tip of the Week

So I apologize for not getting something up sooner but my computer is on the fritz and I’m looking to replace it this week. So for now, here’s the weekly Green tip.

Reuse it before you toss it….

Here’s a few items I try to reuse before tossing them out for good.

  • Baby wash cloths: They get stained and stinky so I reuse them as dish rags and cleaning rags before tossing them for good.
  • Dry cleaning bags: I reuse these as garbage bags or fill them with clothes and items to donate to goodwill.
  • Socks without mates make great dust and cleaning rags.
  • Those rubber bands and twist ties you get with produce and bread.
  • Tin cans: covered with colorful labels, they make great utensil holders at picnics. Also a pencil holder, grease collection cup, or a scoop for dog food.
  • Use newspaper to clean windows instead of paper towels. With cleaner of course.
  • Save those ribbons, bows, gift bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper and reuse again.

Okay, if you think of some, please submit it in comments and i’ll post it.


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