Green Tip of the Week

Spring Cleaning in the Fall……what do I do with all this stuff?

Every few months I freak out about all the stuff we’ve accumulated and I need to get rid of things. Here’s some places that you can donate to and other places that may be able to reuse your items. Before you trash it, donate it.

  • Goodwill and Salvation Army: My first stop is goodwill but I recently found out that they don’t take toys. When we were planning to move a few years ago, we had a big yard sale and whatever didn’t sell, we called the Salvation Army to pick up. Unfortunately they didn’t take much at all. No boxes of household items and they wouldn’t take most of the furniture because needed some work. That was kind of a bummer.
  • Consignment shops: There are several in my area so if you have some nice clothes or kids items, you could make a buck.
  • Shelters and hospitals: I have yet to try these places but I was thinking of donating the toys Goodwill wouldn’t take to a local women’s shelter.
  • Libraries: They take your books, cds, and dvds.
  • Food Pantry: Clean out your pantry, especially at the holidays. Local food pantries usually set up shop at grocery stores. Ours sends the mailman to pick up a couple times a year via his mail route.
  • Animal shelters and SPCA: Your pet toys, beds, leashes, grooming tools, whatever.
  • Daycares and nursery schools: Maybe those toys I can’t get rid of. Actually, the daycare at my gym were happy to take some of Riley’s old toys. The kids were happy too.
  • Non-profits: Based on their mission, you decide what they need. Art non-profits may need art and craft materials, paints, lumber, etc. And don’t forget your receipt for tax purposes.
  • Churches: This weekend alone there were 4 craft fairs in the area. I’m sure they could have used your items to sell. One of them had a book sale so those boxes of books in my basement missed out on that one.

Don’t forget to get a receipt at all the non-profit establishments. Your tax return will thank you. Did I forget anything? Let me know.


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