Beef Potato Casserole

Another stellar recipe from Fran’s collection, I thought this casserole epitomized the 50’s era. It’s a simple to make casserole that incorporates layers of meat, veggies, and of course, a canned sauce/soup. This recipe seems to be from the kitchen of Marion S. Turner, so thanks Marion.

Here’s the verdict: It tasted just as I thought it would. Kinda Hamburger Helperish but definitely not as salty. I added a little salt and pepper to the beef to give it some flavor but the cream of chicken soup gave it an interesting texture and flavor, almost like a cheese sauce. Actually, cheese sauce would be pretty tasty instead of the soup. The onions were a bit crunchy for my taste, maybe sauteing them a bit before layering would help that, but the tater tots added a nice crunch. My husband downed it and all that was left in the dish so I guess he liked it and my daughter ate most of hers, leaving just a little ground beef in her bowl. So this could be a kid friendly dinner as well. There wasn’t much though, maybe if you doubled the recipe it could feed a family of four.


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