I’m loving this right now……Greek Yogurt.

Since I’ve been pregnant this time around I’ve been eating just about everything I can get my hands on. And since I usually get heartburn afterwards I have to pick and choose my foods wisely, or suffer for it later. I usually end up suffering. But everyday without fail (usually after my gym workout) I gotta have a bowl of Greek yogurt with fruit and something crunchy on top. I never ate it before I was pregnant but it is so much better than plain yogurt. It’s thicker, richer, reminds me of whipped cream but without the calories. I get the Chobani brand of plain yogurt and top it with whatever fruit I have in the house, and maybe some granola or chopped nuts. So good, I promise you, and surprisingly without the pain of heartburn afterward and healthy too. Yay!

There's yogurt under there I promise you.


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