I’m loving this right now…..Trader Joe’s Lemonade

When I was working at the bakery, Michele, my former boss, would make this crazy good lemonade using frozen Minute Maid concentrate, fresh ginger and sugar. I promise you, it was crazy good. But I got addicted to the Minute Maid lemonade without the added ginger and sugar and would drink it all the time. I started calling it crack and it has forever remained that in my house. I don’t drink it often, usually in the summer and that’s about it. But I could probably put down a 2 quart pitcher of it in one sitting. It’s that addictive. So during a visit to Trader Joe’s I spotted their version in the frozen section and grabbed a can. Let me tell you, this stuff is just as good, and, if I dare say, even better. It’s not as sweet as the Minute Maid brand and it has pulp, which normally I wouldn’t care about, but it make me feel like it might be fresh squeezed. Buy it, make it, drink it. It’s better than crack.


One thought on “I’m loving this right now…..Trader Joe’s Lemonade

  1. Have you tried TJ’s Sweet Iced Tea? Good lord I am thoroughly addicted to that stuff… It’s like old fashioned sun iced tea sweetened with honey. My mom and I have gone through 2 gallons already this week…

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