New Year’s Resolution #1: go back to writing your blog.

Yes, its been a while. But after having baby #2 (it’s a girl, we’ll call her KK), and finishing up 2010, its time to go back to writing the blog. So here are the rest of my resolutions in no particular order that I hope to achieve in 2011.

#2: lose weight of course, the rest of the baby weight, about 10 pounds, and complete the transformation program at the gym. See you in April with my results.

#3: declutter and simplify our lives. The house is a cluttered mess. Toys, decor, books, clutter. It’s driving me nuts and I’m taking care of it this year. We’ll be selling, donating, and trashing any and all items they haven’t been used in 1-2 years. I just can’t stand constantly putting stuff away and trying to find somewhere to put the stuff. Here’s my inspiration:

Wish me luck and keep logging on to check out the blog. I’ll be posting at least a few times a week with some new featured posts like mom stuff and product reviews. So don’t come here looking for strictly recipes. I’ve got two kids now so cooking and baking is not so easy. But I’ll try my best, resolution #4. Happy New Year!

resolution inspiration


One thought on “New Year’s Resolution #1: go back to writing your blog.

  1. So thats the reason for your long absence!! Made the “lovelight” 2 egg chiffon cake today, wanted to link to your blog so just checked back to see if it was still there, and you are back! 🙂 Will pop by regularly, the molten lava cake looks fantastic!

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