Kid Review: Moon Dough

In a word, Moon Dough is weird. I can’t quite describe the texture of it. It’s foamy, soft, breaks apart easily and therefore is scattered randomly around my house. Although I have restricted its use to the basement only, it almost always finds its way up my carpeted stairs and onto my jute living room rug. It does like to stay in the rug and you really gotta work at vacuuming it up. I should also mention it has a distinct plastic smell. At least that’s the best I can describe it. Riley loves it though. She has the barn and farm animals set and I will admit it is a bit fun to make the animals. The instructions are a bit crazy though. I remember reading that you should wash your hands after using it and not let it get wet with soap or water. Kinda strange. I will say it doesn’t dry out like play dough but that doesn’t mean I’m not sweeping it up constantly and tossing it in the garbage. Hair, dirt, and everything else gets imbedded in it, just like play dough. Fun for the kiddies but not so fun to clean up. We give Moon Dough……..

three out of five thumbs up!


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