Transformation update

After falling twice on ice (Yes twice!!) this weekend, I was not looking forward to the gym. I am okay. My booty is quite sore and I will have some nice bruises to prove it. But I promise you I was there on Monday, letting Fabrice kick my booty into shape. I was super tired and sore after that butt woopin’ but I’m really glad I didn’t bail. I was disappointed with my weigh in results. I lost only a 1/2 pound and gained 1/2% body fat. It was super bowl weekend and I also had a black tie affair on Friday but I was very good at both events, food wise. Then I remembered how much I drank on Friday night. Ya, a little too much. So that was a factor I’m sure. And on Sunday morning I drank very little water and had very little to eat until the Super bowl party. So those were contributing factors too. Gotta remember to drink your water. So this little back step will just make me work a little harder this week and really watch my food intake. And no more wine till April, I promise. Stay tuned this week for a delicious salad recipe. I promise you its yummy.

me as a kid


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