Craftacular: Decoupage tin can vases

My husband gave both the girls a bouquet of small pink roses for Valentine’s Day, they were really sweet. I wanted to save them so we hung them to dry and made these vases using tin cans and magazine clippings. Riley had a good time gluing and she loves to cut paper so this was a perfect craft for her. Just watch those scissors with the kiddies. We cut out pictures of flowers (we found some nice pics in Martha Stewart Living magazine). It makes a nice keepsake and I thought each Valentine’s we’d add some more flowers.


1 tin can, label removed and cleaned with no sharp edges


magazines, scrap paper, or construction paper (whatever’s lying around)

elmer’s glue

modge podge



  1. Cut or rip out pictures or paper
  2. Paint elmer’s glue onto backs of paper and attach to outside of tin can, overlapping and creating a collage. There’s no right or wrong way to do this so let the kids get gluey and have fun. Cover around top edge too to reduce risk of any remaining sharp edges. An adult should do this just in case. Let completely dry.
  3. Using brush, coat over collage with modge podge. Let completely dry. It doesn’t take too long. Add your flowers, dried or fresh. You’re ready to display.




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