Hudson Valley Review: Munk’s Bbq

I’ve been eyeing up this food truck since I first saw them on Route 9 in Fishkill. Unfortunately, they opened up right around when Transformation started so, no go. But I couldn’t wait any longer. Every time I passed by there was smoke rising up from the back of the truck. A sure sign there was some meat smokin in the back. It just looked too good. So I stopped one night and picked up a little of everything. Two friendly faces were there to greet me, the owner, Sean Munk and his co-worker Gary. Sean is a Culinary grad and lives in the local area with kids of his own. He assured me he uses fresh ingredients and his mac and cheese is made with just milk and cheese, nothing else. We didn’t get too deep into conversation but you really get the sense that this truck is Sean’s passion and that he truly enjoys cooking and serving his bbq. I got the chicken dinner for two which came with a whole chicken, sides of barbecue pulled pork and beef brisket, two sides (I chose mac and cheese and beans), corn bread, and drinks. I also got a 1/2 rack of ribs because their ribs and you really don’t need an explanation.

We all tried everything, Riley too. She was in charge of the mac and cheese and she ate it all up. I tasted it too, it was creamy, cheesy and delicious. The beans were tasty too, not too sweet, with pieces of the pulled pork swimming in the juices. Now onto the meat…..I will say the chicken looked a little funny. I know it’s from the smoking process but the skin was soft and an interesting shade of brown, I’m sure from the smoking. I don’t eat the skin anyway so that wasn’t a real issue. The chicken was tasty, it had a nice smokey flavor. I ate the breast part and found it to be a little dry but the flavor was really nice. I ate it up. The pulled pork and beef brisket were really yummy. They were both coated lightly with a tangy sweet sauce with maybe a hint of vinegar and I could imagine eating either of them between a soft roll. So what am I forgetting?

Oh yes, the ribs. Really good. A nice smokey flavor with coating of secret spices I’m sure. Not too spicy though. I would have liked a little more kick but the meat was tender and flavorful. And oh yes, the corn muffins. They were a nice, moist cake that was a complement to the meat. And the price? Not bad. All that for $27 and we had some chicken left as well that I snacked on the next day. Good job Munk’s. I will definitely be stopping by in April when Transformation is over and done with. The Pulled Pork Philly Sandwich with mac and cheese on top sounds awesome. Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell my trainer.

Munk’s BBQ is located on the Northeast corner of Route 9 and South Terrace in Fishkill, NY. Just look for the black food truck on the side of the road.

We give Munk’s BBQ 4 out of 5 thumbs up!


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