What’s up with Ken?

A while back I made a little trek to Toys R Us with the kiddies. As Riley and I were perusing the shelves we made our way into Barbie land. Basically two long aisles filled with everything Barbie. Holy pink crap everywhere. But I noticed Ken peering out from his plastic box. There were only a handful of Kens but I photographed each one. Each sad one. I remember when Ken had plastic hair and zero personality. He was simply Barbie’s arm candy. Handsome, and quiet with that everlasting smile and six-pack abs. What the hell happened to Ken?

100 poses and they picked this one?

not sure if it's the prom queen or king but he's very pretty.

this is shave me ken. really Ken? You couldn't even shave?

nice lip gloss ken. shades too.

ok. That's Jusin Beiber.



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