Transformation update: Welcome to the show…….

The gun show!


Okay, so those aren’t my svelt guns, but they are some guns none the less. We’re getting down to the last three weeks here and it’s getting tougher and tougher. Those last few pounds are the worst and the temptation to eat all things sweet and yummy are getting greater. I’ll admit I have been snacking a bit more and getting a stomach bug last week didn’t help either. I wasn’t really eating regularly or anything other than crackers and bread for two days. Not good. So this week’s weigh in was okay. I gained 1% body fat and lost a pound. It’s also been tougher getting to the gym with every weekend booked with something. But I’m pressing on and I’m determined to make these last few weeks count. My goal is to get my treadmill at home cleared off, cable plugged in and started up every night that I’m not at the gym. Plus I’ve found several yoga and pilates videos on Netflix instant watch so I may start using those at night to relieve my stress of the day and build up some strength and muscle. I miss my yoga class I used to take once a week at the gym. I would attend the Monday morning class and it would stretch me out and prepare me for the week. I’ll be back soon I promise!


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