An Ode to Irish Oatmeal

Dear McCann’s Irish Oatmeal,

I’m writing this letter to let you know how I truly feel about you.  Each morning I wake up, I feed and change the baby. I help myself to a cup of coffee that my husband so generously prepared. Riley wakes up and I fill her sippy cup with apple juice. She usually asks for a pop tart or some cereal in a cup, dry. I feed the baby again, baby food this time. Riley watches t.v., usually Sesame Street or something on Nickelodeon Jr. I make her something for breakfast, a small bagel or more cereal. The kids are finally settled as I prepare my 1/2 cup of you, Irish oatmeal. I pull all the necessary ingredients out of my pantry and line them up on the counter. Oatmeal, check, Craisins, check, protein powder, check, skim milk, check, cinnamon, check, bowl, check, spoon, check. I add skim milk, eye balling the measurement to a 1/2 cup of you, oatmeal and heat you in the microwave for 1 minute. I add some milk to my shaker, add protein powder and proceed to shake. I add this to you, oatmeal, stir, and cook for another 30 seconds. I grab my bird oven mitt, put it under the bowl and rest it on the counter. I give you a good stir, add a handful of craisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I sit on my couch and I dig in. You are super creamy, thick, with a light sweetness and with each bite, I get a tart dried cranberry. I relax, watch kids t.v., eat you until I’m scraping the bowl clean. I love you oatmeal. Every bite of you. I will admit, I have strayed from you in the past. I’ve purchased your nemesis, rolled oats in the bulk section of the natural food market. I thought he was a good substitute and at only $.50 a pound, it was an economical choice. But after preparing it, I found there was no substitute for you. You are the best Monday through Friday breakfast food out there. There’s nothing else I’d rather have during the week. Cereal? Nah. Toast? Are you kidding? Irish Oatmeal. You are my one true love.

Look how you glisten in the morning sun......ahhhh oatmeal.



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