Searching for the best brownie: King Arthur’s Best Fudge Brownies Ever

I have a new quest; to search for the best, fudgiest, super chocolatey brownie. Here’s my first attempt, and a good one at that. I ripped this recipe off a King Arthur flour bag and have been waiting to make it for some occasion, this occasion being a bake sale. But really, does anyone need a reason to make a tray of brownies? I could tell you a good reason not to. You’ll probably eat the whole tray if they’re any good. You’ll probably eat them even if they’re mediocre. These are hardly mediocre. They are very fudgey, full of chocolate (there’s a bag of semi-sweet chips in there), maybe an inch thick, and have that nice crackled glassy sheen top. Warm out of the oven they are the quintessential brownie. If I had vanilla ice cream on hand that would have made the whole experience perfect. An accompanying glass of milk did help. A couple of days later, they’re still very good with a lot less moisture of course but still very fudgey.  I like to nuke em in the micro for 12 – 15 seconds to get that fresh-baked feeling back. All in all, these are very good brownies and a good start to my search. I can honestly say its the top contender.


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