Momma’s messy egg sandwich

Wanna know how I got fat working at the bakery? Not cake, cookies, or pie. It was egg sandwiches, almost every morning. So my suggestion to you….don’t eat egg sandwiches almost every morning. Save this one for a random Sunday morning or in my case, this past Mother’s Day. The funny thing is that I used a multi-grain flatbread roll, because it’s healthy. It’s a messy sandwich so be sure to have a supply of napkins by your side.


2 eggs

2 slices of American cheese

2 slices of ham

1 roll

butter or margarine


Butter roll on both sides and add a slice of cheese to bottom. Put aside. Heat cooking spray coated skillet over medium-low heat. Cook ham till browned on both sides, about 2-3 minutes and add to roll on top of the cheese. Then, fry two eggs till they are cooked over medium with the yolk still runny, about 3-4 minutes on each side. Add to roll on top of ham, add a slide of cheese over the eggs, put the top of the roll on and slice in half. Then lookout for the messiness and have your napkins handy. Be sure to eat this one at a table as you can easily drip the yolk down your shirt.


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