Green Tip: Pulp

I recently got an email from a friend of my sisters asking this question: What can you do with the leftover pulp after you juice a variety of different fruits and veggies?

And here is my answer:

  1. throw it in the composter if you got one
  2. incorporate it into a recipe. Example: carrot cake, banana bread, zucchini bread. These sweet breads usually incorporate lots of fruits and veggies anyway so adding a little pulp will add some extra vitamins, moisture, and flavor. I have this great recipe for Morning Glory muffins that I may post soon and incorporates apples, carrots, and pineapple. Pulp is also easy to freeze, thaw out and add to a recipe. My juicer came with a recipe book utilizing pulps in this way.
  3. Dry the peels if you can separate them and toss them in the fireplace or leave them out for birds or deer (if you want wildlife near your house).
  4. Separate out any seeds and add pulp to a smoothie.
  5. Add the pulp back into the juice for a pulpier juice experience.
  6. Add to oatmeal
  7. If you got kids, its great to add pulp to kid friendly foods like pasta sauce, baked goods, meatballs, or mac and cheese for example. Gives them the vitamins they miss out on when you have a picky eater. A great book to get it Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious. She uses cooked and pureed veggies and fruits in her recipes. Same concept.
  8. Add to soups
  9. Make a flavored cream cheese
  10. make a facial mask (okay that’s a stretch but I wanted to get to 10. Here’s a link to check out for mask ideas:

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