Pinkalicious cupcakes

Riley turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and we celebrated with a Pinkalicious party. Pinkalicious is the title of one of Riley’s favorite bedtime books about a girl who eats so many pink cupcakes, she turns pink. The only cure is to eat green vegetables. For her party I tried making everything as pink as I could, including the food. I also had an abundance of green food to counter act any pink children running around. In the mayhem I forgot to snap some shots of the savory food I served but did manage to get some of the desserts on film, since those are the most important part of any good party anyway. As for the savory foods, they included london broil sandwiches (a big hit, I’ll post this later), shrimp orzo salad (Barefoot Contessa), turkey meatballs (Giada) in vodka sauce (from a jar), french fries (Ore Ida), tomato salad (an old recipe from Martha), mixed green salad, and hot dogs. I think the food was a success. Everyone seemed very satisfied. As for the desserts, well, I’ll let the pictures tell most of the story:

Pinkalicious cupcakes

Strawberry milkshake malt balls, cupcakes, Red Velvet Giant cupcake, and cotton candy

The cupcakes were really good. Very dense and thick, they reminded me of the Magnolia Bakery cupcake. They would be hard to mistake for a cake mix, completely different texture. The giant cupcake with a red velvet cake recipe I’ll post another time but it was equally delicious and topped with a pink cream cheese icing. Even after this party, Riley still loves the color pink.

As I was about to post the recipe for the Pinkalicious cupcakes, I noticed a copyright at the bottom of the page so I’m opting out of posting the recipe on my site and directing you to the Pinkalicious page to check it out for yourself. You’ll find it on the Print and Play crafts section. It’s actually a cute site with lots of crafts and ways to “Pinkify” your kid by uploading their image into Pinkalicious’ face. It is a good recipe and doubles easily.


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