Playlist: The most underated band that you hate to admit you love, Hall and Oates.

I know as you read the title of this post you’re reminiscing about all those classic Hall and Oates songs; Maneater, Say it isn’t so, Rich Girl. I can’t think of any other band that, when I hear them, brings me right back to the backseat of my parents beat up Subaru station wagon. No, not doing that. Sitting in traffic on the belt parkway, on our way home from another family get together on Long Island. You’ve been there right? You were patiently waiting to hear a good song on the easy listening station your parents are pumping on the crackling stereo only to find salvation in Sara Smile. Thank god! And you jam out in the backseat to yourself. You turn down your Walkmam so you can hear the Daryl belt out “It’s you……and me forever…….sara……”. There’s something about them, am I right? You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach as soon as you turn on one of their albums. It feels…..well, really good. Okay, I think I’m getting a little too hokey here but they really do it for me. And Daryl? Who doesn’t love that guy. What a crazy soulful voice. And John? Well, I’d like to hear who out there loved John with that big ‘ol moustache of his.

Sweet sunglasses and fly locks.

Best album cover......hands down.




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