I love the Bronx Zoo

I don’t think I have to same much here. I think most people who have visited this spectacular place would agree, its awesome. And here’s why………

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The Gorilla exhibit is just about the best thing there in my opinion and we always check it out when we visit. They are literally 10 feet away, sometimes closer, separated only by thick glass. It can’t be missed. Go check it out before the weather turns cold. Here’s my 10 tips for first time visitors:

  1. brown bag your lunch, you’ll save some cash and there’s always plenty of places to sit down and eat. Bring snacks and drinks too. One warm pretzel is $3.50.
  2. bring your stroller(s), the kids will need it
  3. put all your valuables in one easy to carry bag or backpack, you’ll have to leave your stroller outside of some exhibits and you don’t want to leave your valuables behind
  4. bring your camera, so much to take pictures of
  5. bring hand sanitizer, you’ll need it
  6. wear your sneaks or walking shoes, it’s a big place with hills
  7. bring quarters for the kids zoo area, there’s a petting zoo with quarter machines to feed the goats and sheep
  8. try to see all the animals you really want to see earlier in the day, before lunch. They are more alert. Plus, about 45 minutes before the zoo closes most animals head to their cage areas because it’s getting close to feeding time. You may not be able to see them at all during this time.
  9. Get a map at the entrance, you’ll need it if you’re looking for particular animals.
  10. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry if you don’t see everything. You can always come back

Exhibits you gotta hit while you’re there:

  1. The Gorilla Exhibit of course (gotta pay extra for that but it’s worth it)
  2. The sea lions, they are out in the open and are very entertaining
  3. The Madagasgar building, it’s filled with animals that include lemurs, crocodiles, and cockroaches.
  4. The Rhinos, they are massive and you can get pretty close.
  5. The Kid’s Zoo, it has all things for kids. Most of the animals are in small fenced areas and easily accessible for shorties. The prairie dog exhibit is so cool and my daughter loved the giant rope spider web and tree house. Plus at the end there is a petting zoo where the kids can feed the animals. Break out the hand sani you packed!
  6. The monorail, you can see the Tigers and Elephants and, most importantly, you can relax and sit for at least 25 minutes. You can’t, however bring your stroller on it so don’t forget your camera!
  7. The Butterfly House, if you really like butterflies, which my kids do. You do have to pay extra so if you’ve already done something like this maybe skip it. I’m not saying it’s not cool, they are really nice to look at and watch. Plus there’s quite a few cool looking birds in there too. But there’s no touching so taking the kids in is tough sometimes.
  8. The Tigers, there are some outside of the monorail ride in a different area and there are currently 4 or 5 cubs running around in there. They are really cute and playful.
  9. The Bug Carousal, because who doesn’t like carousals? But you gotta pay extra! They get you every time.
  10. The eco-friendly bathroom at the Bronx River Parkway Entrance, its nice to the environment and its a bathroom so you’ll probably hit it on your way in and out.

The Bronx Zoo, go check it out. One more suggestion; get a yearly pass if you plan to go a few times a year. It makes more sense financially and it helps support the Wildlife Conservation Society. You can also get into several other city attractions including the NY Aquarium and the Central Park Zoo. You also get free parking, which isn’t cheap, $15 I think, and you get into all the special attractions like the Gorillas and the Butterflies. It also makes a good Christmas gift. Hint hint!


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