261 days Pinned Challenge

After the kids go to bed I find myself scanning through pinterest for several hours. The TV is on in the background, I’m curled up on my living room chair covered in a soft blanket with my ipad on my lap. I should be writing on my blog or being slightly more productive, maybe reading a book, but instead I find myself pinning craft projects and recipes that I may someday take on. I won’t lie. I have completed several of my pins, of which include easy crock pot recipes, kids crafts and all natural beauty tips. Most of them are successful with only a few being disappointing and sometimes painful ie: the make your own black head mask with unflavored gelatin. OUCH! I actually feel very accomplished when I do complete a pin. Almost productive. And it got me thinking.

I have so many things pinned that I have not attempted to utilize yet. And I know there are people out there who simply pin, get excited, and never visit that pin again. So I have decided to challenge myself by making, creating, or using one pin for every weekday in 2013. Here’s how it will work, aka here are my rules set by myself for myself:

1. I must make, create, use a pin each weekday of 2013 from the pinterest website starting January 1. I think I stated that above. I wanted to do one every day of 2013 but my husband reminded me that we have two kids and that I need to be a little realistic. Good point.
2. The pin can be a new pin or something I pinned a year ago. It has to be found on pinterest.
3. A picture must be posted along with a blog entry to prove the pin was used.
4. Pins can include anything, from making a muffin recipe to buying an outfit seen on pinterest. If you follow me you’ll find I pin recipes, craft ideas, kids stuff, beauty tips and holidays ideas. Either way, the pin has to be used in some way.
5. I can use my own pins. In other words, if I find an interesting website with a cool cleaning tip I can pin it and do it.

I think that just about covers it. Wish me luck and I hope I gather some followers on the way.



2 thoughts on “261 days Pinned Challenge

  1. Lovely vid, girl!!! I’ll be going to Boston over my Spring Break and so this gives me some good ideas I’ve recently found your chnaenl and it’s darling! I’ve subscribed xo, megs

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