An ode to the Neti Pot

20121229-212702.jpgI have been putting up with a nasty cold and cough for about two weeks now. It started right before Christmas, was passed onto the kids and my husband and won’t seem to leave my body. Thanks to my buddy Felice, I was introduced to the Neti pot. I only used it once through her recommendation and it worked that time. So I finally gave in and bought my own at the natural food store.

After a recommendation from the store clerk I purchased a ceramic neti pot made by the Himalayan Institute and a 4 oz. container of an infused salt rinse. The salt rinse is by Baraka and is infused with several essential oils. It smells really good, very refreshing and earthy. You can also use simple sea salt or non oxidized salt but this one just seemed a little sexier.

Here’s how it works: You add a 1/4 tsp of the salt to your pot and add 8oz. of warm water, mix till the salt is dissolved. Standing over a sink, turn your head to one side, keeping your forehead at the same height as your chin. Insert the spout into the upper nostril. Raise the pot so the water begins to pour into your nostril while breathing out of your nose. If your forehead is too high you’ll get water in your mouth. It’s not the worst but its not the best feeling. Kinda like swallowing ocean water but I the back of your throat. Just spit it out and try again. I do a potful on each nostril and if you’re very mucusy, like I was, you’ll watch all that mucus run out of your nose. It’s gross. I didn’t post a picture but I’m sure you can find some on other sites. Blow your nose a few times too to get it all out.

I felt so much better after this neti pot experience. My nose was clear and I wasn’t hocking up nastiness anymore. I’m hoping this cold will finally leave for good, I’m getting real tired of coughing all night. For more info check out this site: Himalayan Institute


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