Pin 260, River Rock Boot Mat

Since we’ve gotten two snow storms in the past week, our wet boots have been piling up by the back door.


Okay, that’s not the best picture of boots piled up but the flattened cardboard mat is enough for me. I found this idea for river rock boot mats a while ago, and I forgot to pin it. So I had to go searching for it and found it again. There is no website to visit for instructions, its simply a photo. But it looks and is really simple to make. Here’s what I did:

1. visited the Dollar Tree and purchased the following: 2 aluminum cookie sheets and four bags of river rocks. Total cost:

IMG_9935$6 plus tax. Not bad I thought. I wanted to try this idea out first before I purchased additional materials for my husband and my boots. So I’ll have to get back to you about how it worked. Honestly, I really want to see how long it takes my kids to figure out those rocks can be moved. If I’m picking up rocks all day, I’ll be looking for another solution. The original Pin can be found here. Here are the final results:


Here are the trays and river rocks.



I added some self sticking rubber pads on the bottom so the tray wouldn’t slide all over my tile floor. A cheaper solution: make some dots with a hot glue and gun and let the glue dry. Instant rubber feet.




259 to go………………..


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