Pin 257, Wine Cork Key Chains

I love repurposing what we throw out everyday into something else. Corks are an easy item to just toss in the garbage, but they can also be easily used for something else. I thought this pin of making them into key chains was brilliant and so easy. I think it’s a great way to keep your favorite wine with you at all times so there’s no question what you want at the liquor store. It appears the original pin was using them for party favors which is also a cute idea. I think it could be a cute gift for a wine lover, especially if the cork is from the wine they love. Here’s how to do it:IMG_2455

Materials Needed (all purchased at Home Depot):

  1. eye hooks (I had some in my toolbox but you can get a box of them for under $1.00)
  2. key chain rings (they come in two packs for $.97, small or large, you pick)
  3. corks

What to do:

  1. screw the eye hooks into one of the cork
  2. attach the key chain ring
  3. viola, instant key chain. Just add your keys.
  4. damn that was simple.

256 to go………….



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