Pin 244, Peel and Stick Tiles Under the Kitchen Sink

Under my kitchen sink it is gross. No matter how many times I (or my mom while she’s visiting) clean it, it always gets gross and dirty. The contact paper that covers the bottom is ripped, greasy and really gross. Gross is about the only word to describe it. I keep my garbage and recycling cans under there too so that’s where all the grit and grime is coming from. I had to clean it up for good and I needed a better solution to cover up whatever lingers under that hideous contact paper. And new contact paper wasn’t gonna cut it. So I found this Pin from that suggests using peel and stick laminate tiles. What a brilliant idea! So it had to be done, and here’s what I did:


I started to remove some items before I remembered, take a pic! So here’s basically what it looked like.


Ok, now here is the yuckiness that lies beneath the TWO layers of contact paper.


Here are the tools that I used. 8 oz of vinegar mixed with 3 oz. of hot water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle, one utility knife, one razor blade. It took whole lotta scraping but I got all the grime off. Check out those awesome water stains. Every time I do something around this house I find something fun from the previous owners.


Look its clean! And look at those sparkling clean water stains!


Here are the tiles I chose. I bought 8 of them from Home Depot at $0.79 each for a grand total of $6.83 with tax. Not bad. I only used 7 of them so I have a spare in case one decides to pop out of place.


Before you start peeling and sticking make sure your surface is completely dry. I started from one end and laid one down starting from the back. The next one had to be cut (see the overhang) so I traced a line using the edge of the bottom area.

IMG_0231Here’s the line. Oooooh!


Using a metal ruler (not shown) and your utility knife score your line on the back. Score it a couple of times and you should be able to bend it like this. If it doesn’t snap off, score the front very gingerly using your ruler and it will come right apart. Peel and stick being careful to line everything up.


I kept going across, using large pieces first and filling in with smaller pieces after measuring.

IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0238

Almost done!


Ta Da! Done. And now let’s put all the stuff back.


Looks pretty good I think. Now, it should be very easy to wipe down any funk that tries to linger. Thank you Mr. Family Handyman!

243 to go………..


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