Pin 232, Crayon Heart Valentines


Yet another day home from school. Ughh! Only this time it’s from a snow storm, not a sickness. Translation: I need to keep the kids occupied. What better way than to make Riley’s classroom Valentines. Great idea.

IMG_0403I’ve had this one pinned for a while and was waiting to collect all our nubby crayons. We have a lot. I mean, really a lot. There are lots of crayons at my house. Making these was a necessity.

Before we get started, here’s what you need for this project:

  • crayons, preferably broken, any and all colors
  • silicone heart mold (mine was an ice cube tray from Ikea for $1.00)
  • cookie sheet or tray
  • exacto knife
  • paper to mount the finished crayons on or heart doilies, whatever you prefer
  • glue stick
  • glue dots
  • a kid to sort and help, it takes a while

If you are ready to start, preheat your oven to 250 degrees F.

IMG_0413Once I collected the crayons I had to strip the paper off. Not really easy with just fingernails so I opted for an exacto knife. It worked very well. Be sure to do this step yourself. Those knifes are quite sharp. Then use the knife (or your own strength) to break/cut the crayons into smaller pieces.


If you don’t want rainbow crayons, have your kids sort the crayons into like colors.


This is the time consuming part so make those kids do it.


It’s good practice too if you have a toddler learning colors. Although I should warn you, my five year old sorted and then threw all differentt colors into the mold.


But it was nice to see all the sorted colors together. Very calming. We filled two egg cartons. Told you we had a lot. We didn’t even use them all. Crazy!


Have your child fill  the silicone mold. We started off with monochromatic crayons.


But they became multi-colored by the next round. Fill to the top and even above the rim of the heart shape. Once melted, they will only be half full, or half empty, however you look at it. Put the silicone mold on the cookie tray and put in the oven at 250 for 15 minutes or until melted.


Some of those thicker crayons don’t melt as fast and will appear whole after 15 minutes. Simply use a toothpick and carefully, cause that wax is HOT, stir up the liquid till the crayon blends.

IMG_0489Wait until they are completely cool before removing from mold. I can’t stress this enough. Do not put them in the freezer to speed the process. They will break when you remove them. Just be patient.


Next, assemble your Valentine’s. I used a cookie cutter and construction paper to make the hearts. I cut around the hearts using a scallop scissor.


Since construction paper is a bit flimsy, I cut 3-1/2″ squares from Valentine gift bags I had socked away and pasted the paper hearts to them. You can use a glue stick but I have this great ATG gun that rolls double stick tape on almost any surface. It’s just about the best tool I have in my toolbox. I found mine at an online framing supply company, United Manufacturers.


Using the glue dots, attach the crayon heart to the center of your paper heart. Be sure to have your kid sign the back before hand. Add your witty text and your Valentine is complete. Can’t wait to send these to school. Here’s the original pin.

231 to go……………


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