Pin 228, DiY Brass Nut Bracelet

This post will be short and sweet, simply because I could not make this bracelet and this Pin was a big FAIL for me. The instructions were very limited including the vague materials used. No sizes, no specifics, but I thought the bracelet looked simple to make and cool to wear. Well. I sat on the couch trying to make this bracelet for an entire episode of Bob’s Burgers and I never got it to work. As you can see in the image below, my nuts just never lined up. Good luck to you. If someone out there was successful, please let me know.


My brass nuts are a jumbled mess. Not pretty.


Here’s the materials I used. I bought the cording at Michaels for $2.99 and three bags of brass nuts for $1.18. Hopefully, I can use these materials for something else.

227 to go……..


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