Pin 227, Easy Foam Soap Refill

Ok, here’s another short and sweet post, but this time, it was a success! We go through soap in this house like…..well…….like you would if you had a 2 and 5-year-old. And I can’t decide which empties faster, foam soap or liquid hand soap. I switched to the foam soap because the kids were not fully rinsing the liquid hand soap off. The foam soap rinses very well. The kids use at least 2-3 squirts each time, sometimes more. So buying the refill soap can be expensive. I’ve been buying the Method brand foam soap from at $5.99 for 28 ounces. And since it’s the consistency of water, that’s how quickly we go through it.

When I found this Pin, I was super excited to try it out. What a simple and economical solution. Using dishwashing liquid and water is genius. I also noticed a similar post that uses Johnson’s baby wash so I plan to replace the kids foam soap with that. Brilliant. Thank you Pinterest! You have saved the day.


Here’s the recipe, courtesy of

When you’re foam soap dispenser is empty, squirt in about 1-2 tsps dishwashing liquid (no need to measure, just a couple seconds of squirting). Fill the rest with water. Close and shake. Done. Damn that was easy!

226 to go………


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