Pin 224, Bedroom Redo Part 1, New Desk and Chair

As you can read, I am redoing our Master bedroom. But of course, I forgot to take before pictures which would have been smart. You’ll have to forgive me and rely on my detailed descriptions. Here’s what I’m changing out:

  1. painting the room from brown to gray/blue
  2. adding a desk and chair for my computer
  3. adding new sheer curtains and new curtain rods
  4. revamping our mid-century dresser by painting the top and sides
  5. building a fabric headboard
  6. adding an accent rug and some new art

So far, I have the desk and chair that was inspired by this Pin:

Source: via Stacey on Pinterest

I found my desk and chair at Ikea of course. My favorite place to shop for furniture. The Micke desk was only $49 and very easy to put together.



I did assemble the top backwards but I promise it was an easy fix. It has a hole at the back where all your cords go and they hide very nicely underneath the desk.

Source: via Stacey on Pinterest


The Tobias chair was $79.99 and came close to not happening. Ikea Paramus only had two left and I snagged the last one. Talk about a heart pounding experience. I realize the chair does not look like the one in the inspiration picture but I’ve always wanted a clear acrylic chair. No other would do. So for $130 (less tax) plus a $6 table lamp (also Ikea), here is my new desk:

IMG_0709I am very happy with my little workspace. The artwork is by J. Fiber. Stay tuned for more bedroom redo madness.

223 to go……….


One thought on “Pin 224, Bedroom Redo Part 1, New Desk and Chair

  1. I found your website by searching for pics of this desk “in the wild”. Looks great, especially with the chair. What paint color did you use? I really like it. Thanks.

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