Pin 208, Homemade Bubbles


Its the first really nice day of the year so we were out blowing bubbles. The bubbles I had were less than bubbly. They were more water than anything. So I hopped onto Pinterest to find a bubble recipe.


And the recipe worked. Three ingredients and the girls were blowing bubbles all afternoon. One thing Riley noticed though was that the bubbles, when popped, left what she called, an ash in the air. It was weird and my dog was covered with these ashes but they seemed to rub right out.


May I suggest you go outside with your kids and blow some bubbles. No excuses. Except of course if you don’t have a bubble wand. Can’t help you there.


courtesy of
2 cups water
1/2 cup liquid dish soap
1/8 cup corn syrup
large container for mixing
 Pour all the ingredients into a large container and shake it up. (Empty milk bottles or Tupperware containers with a tight seal work great.) Allow the bubbles to settle for a few minutes before using.
207 to go………


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